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February – The Month Of Love

February is the month of love, so I wanted to share with you all something that we love at B. Rose Creative, travelling. Travelling is as much a part of our personal lives as it is our work lives and it inspires our style and creativity.

The very idea of our company began after a memorable trip to Europe and a passion to indulge in our more creative, spontaneous and innovative sides. What we get from travelling is a new out-take on everyday life, an experience of new culture, and an expansion to the group we call friends. It’s truly a rewarding and eye-opening experience when you go somewhere new, meet other creatives and explore our ever-changing world!

And even more so, we don’t care how far or close you have to go to experience new things. This could be a trip to Los Angeles where we shoot in a location suggested by a friend of ours with a new person that we haven’t worked with to a 2 week long road trip up the West Coast exploring nature and meeting new people along the way! Each adventure is just as important and meaningful and impacts our lives in a special way.

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