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SOMA West Skatepark

Seeking some inspiration, I decided to check out a local skatepark in San Francisco. Initially I couldn’t think of the name, but remembered seeing it in passing a couples month back. After a quick Google search I found it, SOMA West Skatepark. ┬áHaving the rest of the afternoon to myself, I headed over to check it out.

Man, being around these kids brought me back to those days when all I did during the summer were play sports and skate. It was just like a remembered. A mash up of so many personalities and skill levels. Beginners with their overbearing parents to local vets, the park was packed on this random Friday afternoon.

Overall it was inspiring little moment. So much that I decided to pick up a new deck a week later. Don’t plan on going pro anytime soon, but stoked to have something to cruise around on. Anyways, check out some shots I got while on my trip in the city.

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